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“Thanks For Sitting In” Podcast Interview with host Ricardo Luis Canez.

(Star Worldwide Network) Radio interview with award-winning music producer Otto D’Agnolo

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“Jazz singer Shannon Wallace … a woman who has been an inspiration to the lives of many, mine included.”

The Record Industry with Otto D

“Shannon Wallace has a rich, smooth, unforgettable voice that commands your acquaintance.”

Foothills Focus

“Shannon Wallace is my hero! Not because she is a cool person! Not because she has a great voice! Not even because she is extremely talented at what seems to be everything! Shannon Wallace is my hero because she is NOT one of those people who is afraid to make their dreams come true!”

The Phoenix 100

“Shannon is one of those individuals that just gets the entire picture. Whatever the situation. Aside from being a gifted actor with an endless range, she’s one of the sharpest people I know.” 

Anibal Suarez

Creative Director, Producer

“While her personality is soothing, her presence is powerful.”

Amanda Villepastour

Ethnomusicologist, Cardiff University

“Shannon has an amazing voice – period.” 

Michael Hill


“On stage or off, Shannon Wallace exudes grace and beauty. The singer and on-camera voiceover talent star is always dressed for success.”

Uptown Magazine

“Wallace makes everyone shiver with her well-honed vocals…”

Arizona Republic

“Her vocal range brings a rich level of stylistic inclusiveness in her delivery, dynamics and sensitivity to time and space. Her pitch is true and her ability to sing, on the spot adds a special dimension of musicianship to her solo style.”

Charles Lewis

Inductee, AZ Music & Entertainment Hall of Fame

“Jazz songstress Shannon Wallace has style and class, sizzle and sass. Her way with a tune is like none other — steeped in great tradition, yet imbued with a fresh, contemporary sensibility.”

Alan di Perna

Music Journalist, Critic, Author

“Shannon is the personification of the word, “Wow!” On every level, she impresses, influences, educates, informs, serves, and inspires.”

Debra Davenport

The Davenport Institute